APS is highly skilled at short duration conceptual evaluations and innovative engineering of unstructured tasks. Given the breadth of our expertise, we typically require only one Lead per required discipline to fully evaluate and deliver our client requirements. This ensures a cost competitive, nimble, cohesive integrated team that can bring their experience to a multitude of opportunities. APS has a proven track record in the following areas –

Conceptual Economic Evaluation – APS has delivered several hundred economic evaluations for clients ranging from investment institutions, to independent operators to International Oil and Gas Companies. Depending on each client’s needs, APS can provide Basis of Design, reservoir evaluation, field layout, process and host facility layouts, subsea infrastructure evaluations, high-level cost and schedule indications as required to support the requested economic evaluation and required level of detail.

Existing Asset Evaluation – APS has worked on multiple evaluations of existing asset on behalf of investment institutions and operators to quantify the true value of an existing asset. APS can advise on every facet of an existing asset evaluation, from opinions on existing reservoir volumes and performance, to opinions on required future investment and likely return on investment. We are specialized in determining the optimal disposition of any asset – invest, upgrade, divest or avoid!

CAPEX and OPEX modeling – APS has developed our own internal proprietary CAPEX model that is constantly updated with current cost benchmarks for all aspects of a field development. Our clients have compared and discussed the APS CAPEX and OPEX results with other commercial and internal models. Our clients have such confidence in the APS figures and supporting documentation, they have used APS values to justify significant budgets for exploration and production investments. Similarly, our clients have used APS values to avoid significant commitments to uneconomic developments.

Unstructured Engineering – Our experience allows us to suggest possible solutions to client problems originally considered to be prohibitively expensive or time consuming. Whether it is a request to repair a stranded drilling rig off the coast of Venezuela, design and prove a novel solution to lift an offshore structure using a barge-based land-crane, fast-track development of an interim FPSO solution, or introduce cost effective ‘industry-first’ applications of existing technologies, APS is ready to assist our client’s needs.