The principals and consultants at Alpha Petroleum are widely regarded as industry experts in their fields of experience. As a result, APS team members have an extensive background in providing expert witness services to state and federal cases, whether it be for the prosecution or for the defense. A few examples of such experiences are briefly summarized as follows -

• Design Patent Infringement – APS supported a multi-national oil and gas manufacturing company whose hardware design was subject to a patent infringement lawsuit. The client’s counsel concluded that the in-depth knowledge and testimony, provided by APS, was a significant contribution to their client winning a multi-million-dollar settlement against the patent infringing company.

• Deepwater Horizon support – APS provided technical support and legal testimony for an equipment manufacturer whose hardware was an integral part of the Macondo incident. Given the tragic and devastating nature of the disaster, APS testimony was key to presenting a fact-based opinion of the role played by the equipment manufacturer’s hardware. Ultimately the manufacturer was absolved of any charges in this incident.

• The reluctant rig relocation – APS supported a client whose contract with their drilling rig supplier had turned adversarial. APS acted as an expert mediator to help resolve a disagreement whereby the client wanted the rig relocated, but the rig owner took the position that conditions were not conducive for the move. Drawing on a strong background in such operations, APS helped both parties meet an agreeable compromise saving the client millions of dollars in non-productive rig time.